Women From India Are Being Sold For 400,000 Rupees ($6,000) In Saudi Arabia


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Andhra Pradesh minister for non-resident Indian welfare, Palle Raghunatha Reddy has sought the help of External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to rescue women from states like Andhra and Telangana. These women languishing in jails in Gulf states after they attempted to flee abusive employers or overstayed their visas.

Women from Andhra Pradesh and the neighbouring state of Telangana are sold like products in a retail shop, Reddy wrote in a letter sent to Swaraj last week.

“Sold like products in a retail shop”

He also urged the government to take steps to bring them to their native areas safely by providing free travel and necessary visa documents adding that embassy officials in Gulf countries should be asked to interfere and provide necessary help in terms of food, clothing and shelter to those in distress.

He also claimed that women from India are being sold “Women are being sold to the tune of 400,000 rupees ($6,000)in Saudi Arabia and between 100,000 ($1,500) to 200,000 rupees ($3,000) in Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait,” he wrote.

The minister’s letter comes amid reports of women trapped in Gulf countries seeking help from the government to rescue them. There is no official data on the exact count of the migrants stranded in Gulf countries but experts put the numbers in tens of thousands, many of them in jail.

These include women who leave their villages to take up jobs overseas paying up to three times more than in India, putting their fate in the hands of recruitment agents, who often dupe them.

In response to a query in India’s parliament in March, the foreign ministry said their diplomatic missions in all six Gulf states had registered complaints of physical abuse, maltreatment, non-payment of salary, and other grievances.

  • William

    Sicko people.

    • Sandy Bower

      And yet we still treat Saudi Arabia like they are our most trusted ally. The promote the most violent form of Islam, they kill innocents by the thousands in Yemen yet refuse to allow human rights monitors in, they enslave women and refuse to let them travel without their husband’s permission, and they had a big part in 9/11.

      But they are friends with Bush and thus we sell them more weapons than all other countries combined this year. That’s going to turn out well.

      • peterjohn936


      • Eland

        Keep your friends close and you enemies closer .

      • anonymouse

        I haven’t seen Obama cutting ties either. As a matter of fact, didn’t he actually BOW to the Saudi King one time?

        So you see, I can throw it right back at you when it comes to “who loves the Saudis more”.

  • LeoBassy

    Further proof that the stone age, rabid “religion” of Islam is incompatible with the rest of the civilized modern world.

    • dustBUNNYparole

      just like any religion really, Let’s not forget that devout christians conspired and financed the extreme right to take power in the middle east. before intervention they were as religiously observants as Europe.

      And this is the future of every country and region that relays in imaginary friends and voices in their head for moral compass and yes I’m looking at you Texas

      • SOAB

        Devout Christians financed the right to take power in the middle east ? The US government financed that, that has nothing to do with christians.

    • meconiummm

      Why, they worship the same god as christians, hate gays and women, love war. Oh you said civilized, I guess that means we can exclude those still in the stone age.

    • randomguy01

      Should check what your talking about…ATHEIST businessmen are who is running the show over there…+1 for classic misdirection though.

  • datdrummer

    I don’t understand why religion is still so popular http://helpmebro.com/posts/gandAFV3SE

  • keep it 100

    Islam is the religion of peace…right?..

  • anonymouse

    Interesting that our current President actually BOWED to the Saudi King. And he’s supposed to be all for women’s rights. But I guess the liberals conveniently forget this when they are using Bush(who is no longer President) as the reason why the US is such great allies with them.

  • William

    Just to let everyone know.
    This has nothing to do with religon.
    It has everything to do with basic human rights and dignity.
    They do this not only done to women but to children (both male and female) as well.
    And foreign workers in their country are treated like slaves and have no rights at all.