Senate Votes to Require Women to Register for the Draft After January 1, 2018


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The Senate has approved a defense budget that would also require women to register for the draft. The new rules would apply to any woman who turns 18 on or after January 1, 2018. The key opponents to drafting women were conservative Republicans, including your old friend, botched Madam Tussauds exhibit Ted Cruz.

This one has been brewing for a while: back in April, the House Armed Services Committee voted to approve a version of the National Defense Authorization Act, the mammoth yearly military budget, that included women in the draft. (The full NDAA appropriates $602 billion to the armed services, because the United States spends more on our military budget than any other country on earth and the next seven countries combined.)

But the conservative Republican Congressman who introduced the “draft women” provision doesn’t actually support it; Rep. Duncan Hunter of California intended it as “gotcha amendment,” because he didn’t think liberals would vote to draft women. He was trying to make some sort of curious point about how Democrats don’t really support integrating women into the military, specifically into combat roles. Hunter then proceeded to vote against his own amendment. It was all very odd.

But including women in the draft was less controversial than Hunter believed, and the measure stayed in. On Tuesday, the Senate approved the NDAA 85-13, even as Cruz and his conservative think tank backers wrung their hands. From Politico:

Heritage Action, the conservative advocacy arm of The Heritage Foundation, deemed the defense policy bill a “key vote” that would count on its annual lawmaker scorecards because of the draft language.

“It is a radical change that is attempting to be foisted on the American people,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said. “The idea that we should forcibly conscript young girls into combat, to my mind, makes little or no sense. It is at a minimum a radical proposition. I could not vote for a bill that did so, particularly that did so without public debate.”

Just to be crystal clear here, Cruz and Heritage Action oppose drafting women because of innate, sexist ideas about women’s roles and physical abilities. Women have served with honor and distinction in combat roles for years, something you wouldn’t know from Heritage Action’s website, which claims that women in the military will hurt men and damage military readiness:

Conservatives believe women and men have equal natural rights, and equality means that law should treat things that are the same in the same ways. But when it comes to combat-related tasks, there are differences between men and women that are relevant to accomplishing the military mission.

According to former Marine Corps servicewoman Jude Eden, “Combat is not an equal opportunity for women because they don’t have an equal opportunity to survive.” If women’s increased risk of injury makes them more vulnerable when engaging the enemy, why would Congress ever want to require women to be registered for the Selective Service, and ultimately the draft?

Now, though, President Obama is threatening to veto the NDAA when it reaches his desk, albeit not because of drafting women. The bill as written calls for keeping the detention center at Guantanamo open, which the president promised to close on his first day in office.

The NDAA is headed for a conference to reconcile the House and Senate versions of the bill, and then probably to a gigantic argument between Congress and Obama soon after.

  • Ginny McLeoad

    Maybe this will keep us out of wars. When a Congresscritter has his daughter up for the draft, he might vote against unlimited war powers for the next 3 Presidents.

    • randomguy01

      Somewhat agree with your sentiment, but if others start a war with us, and no one is willing to fight….

  • Raymond Chastain

    Equal Rights, Equal Fights.


  • lamerican

    because the men in this country are a bunch of cowardly pussies. They don’t take care of their kids, they don’t love their wives.. no surprise they need women to fight for them too.


    • John Burt

      Iamerican funny trollish bigot. Hey guys, everybody to the kitchen, Iamerican total badass here. lol

    • randomguy01

      Lol…Oh please. We’ve been fighting for too long. Taking care of the kids for too long. Loving their wife for too long.

      Might want to check Roman history, and even before that what’s left of Babylonian history. We are about to repeat it.

      Men have grown tired of the hate. An army full of women and liberal men aren’t going to do well with our modern day barbarian hordes, especially since most of those women won’t answer to a draft. Women will lose all that they have fought for in regards to equality again. Keep talking shit though, history is about to repeat.

  • johnmoser

    I’m guessing the botched rhinoplasty experiment that wrote the article is about 20 years past having to worry about a draft.

  • John Burt

    Pretty sad, tons of feminist and users on reddit’s TwoXChromosomes claiming to champion equal rights are hypocritically losing their mind at the idea of a Women’s draft. There’s already talk of lower physical standards for women to sign up more.

    Never mind that test are meant to gauge one’s skill or ability to do a job. In New York they already lowered physical standards for fire women to join after so many failed the test…so much for equality. People will get killed over political correctness.

  • Dre Mosley

    Enjoy your equality ladies and everything that goes along with it. . . even the stuff you think your vaginas should exempt you from.

  • Bob Roberts

    “…because of innate, sexist ideas about women’s roles and physical abilities. ”

    What the fuck candyland version of reality do you live in where you do not think there’s actual physical differences between men and women…What men can do versus what women can do. They can’t lift a 200lb soldier with gear and carry them, like a man can. Their physical tests are at fractions of what the men have to do.

    The Marines tested having women on squads, and in every case, that squad was for the worse. One takeaway from the test: The best a woman did was about as good as the worst a man did.

    Women do NOT belong on the front lines. Don’t be stupid, sweetheart. Your liberalism has clouded your thinking.

    • Faighre

      While you correct in the first paragraph, there absolutely ARE women who are able to lift as much as a man. The only issue is that women who aren’t able to perform to the necessary standards are still being let in to the armed forces, not that there aren’t any women who are able to. Your sexism has clouded your thinking.

      • Bob Roberts

        And your fairytale sexism believes that ‘some women’ can do what a man does. Maybe, but they’re few and far between. AND they don’t apply to the armed forces as often. I guess if you want to test gym rats against the average man, sure. But this is not the test, is it? It’s who’s in the military now.

        For that, I guess you didn’t read my third paragraph. They’ve done the testing already, and…..women failed.

        Bottom line, the average woman cannot compete with the average man physically(and I have to say this, because you’ll probably shit all over yourself). Women are held to drastically less performance levels: 2 pullups as opposed to 15.

        You’re delusional. Women do not belong on the front lines. Not because I don’t think they should die like the next guy, there’s too much of men being killed while “Women are the primary victims of war–they lose their husbands, sons, fathers”–the bullshit spouted by Hillary—but putting women on the front lines endangers the men. They’re so bad, they put everyone at risk.

        So no, gtfo with “women are the same” nonsense. They just aren’t. You sexist idiot.

        • Faighre

          Did you even fucking read my comment? I acknowledged that women who aren’t able to meet the requirements are still being admitted, which shows that yes, I understand that the majority of women are not as capable as the majority of men, even after training. Why you think I would shit myself I don’t know, all I’m trying to say is that everyone should be required to meet the same physical standards regardless of whatever fucking genitals they have. Hillary only spouts bullshit and is using her gender to pander to a large group of sexist women as well as people who don’t actually care about anything other than being PC. Not only that, but I never once said that “women are the same”. I’m only trying to say the everyone should be held to the same standards.